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Vera Wine and Spirits Commitment

Vera Wine and Spirits imports and distributes wines and products from privately owned, often family estate wineries and farms that are truly unique and incredibly enjoyable.

Products that represent the culture, tradition, and food culture of their origins, especially those that are deemed non-commercial or too small by large national marketers of wine, liquor and beer brands.

We believe the culinary experience is more enjoyable when the flavors are new, exciting and delicious.

Who we are
Quality Wines

Wines are selected for finesse, structure and quality above all else.

Wine Education

We take pride sharing the story of passion the winemakers have for their properties and products. The investment in time over multiple estate vintages is immense and we help bring the details of the bottles forward to complement the wines.


Customer first! It is our first consideration when fulfilling orders, whether the orders are presold, or last minute, integrity of our word and follow through is the brick and mortar of our business.