Isola Augusta


Because legend has it that, once, its land was lapped by the rivers Tagliamento and Stella, which surrounded it as if it were an island. Augusta, and this is a certainty, because Via Annia crossed through it, connecting Rome to Aquileia, which at the time was the second most important city of the Roman Empire. This evocative name has always been on the cadastral maps of this simple area but of rare beauty. The sea is nearby and, day after day, “it gives the vineyards its brackish sigh, which becomes imprisoned in their vegetation”. The strong clayey soil, sparing in terms of the yield of grapes, produces unique wines thanks to their particular characteristics.

Massimo Bassani is a winegrower who closely follows modern wine technology, but at the same time, remains faithful to tradition and to the spontaneous suggestions of the earth. He interprets these suggestions, between the vineyards and the cellar, not with indulgence, but with the intransigence and attention towards ancient winemaking, yet carried out according to the most modern criteria. Nothing is left to chance, yet it is not forced, to obtain from the clay soils of Isola Augusta, young wines that are both modern and traditional, inviting wines. In other words, wine which is able to seduce and enchant the palates of the young and not so young in equal measure. Wines at the service of fine dining…

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Isola Augusta Wines

isol augusta pinot-grigio

Pinot Grigio

Straw yellow colour coppery hues, acacia and peach aroma. Velvety, ample and elegant flavour.

Serve With: seafood appetizers, soups, white meats and cheeses.

isol augusta sauvignon

Sauvignon Blanc

Straw yellow colour with greenish hues, it has a rich yellow pepper, peach and tomato aroma. The flavour is dry and aromatic.

Serve With: Seafood and shellfish, creams and soups, asparagus risotto, prosciutto. Excellent as an aperitif.

isol augusta friulano


Straw yellow colour with greenish hues, with fruity and floral aroma. The flavour is dry with an aftertaste of almonds.

Serve With: Prosciutto, soups, fish and white meats. Excellent as an aperitif.

isol augusta schioppettino


Ruby red colour with garnet hues, a scent of wild berries and spices. The taste is soft, well-rounded and lingering. Overall a very elegant product.

Serve With: Meats, delicate cheeses and prosciutto not seasoned.