La Dama

Veneto, Italy

My name is Gabriele and my story begins with the land, with the love I have for vineyards and for wine making in general.

With my wife Miriam and with the great support of Giampiero, my father-in- law, who was the first to believe in our project, in 2006 we challenged ourselves in this world as producers.

We are the first generation of wine makers in our family, and our property today includes 16 hectares of land, 10 hectares of which are vineyards located in two parts of Valpolicella Classica: Negrar and Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella. Pergola and spalliera-type vineyards produce excellent grapes in order to give our wines that unmistakable character and peculiarity that is typical of us.

The cellar is located in Negrar, in an ideal position for the long drying of grapes, which will give rise to our most precious product: Amarone della Valpolicella Classica.

For us hospitality is a special moment: welcome guests, friends and passionate people it’s a good opportunity to share our project and our passion, which leaves unforgettable memories of us and of our products in the ones who comes to visit our cellar.

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La Dama Wines

La DamaAmarone della Valpolicella

Features: this is the dry red wine made from dried grapes that made Valpolicella worth remembering for, a concentrate of aromas and flavors. Our special interpretation of Amarone comes only from grapes harvested in vineyards that are more than 20 years old, where the elegance, the great power and the longevity are the most essential features.

Grapes, wine-making, ageing: only the loose bunch of our Corvina 70%, Corvinone 10%, Rondinella15% and Molinara 5%, which are the ripest and best exposed to the sun are selected and then placed in boxes that can hold up to 6kg to dry for 100 days in natural fruit-drying rooms. The pressing, that happens both in steeland wooden vats, is carried out in january, when all the aromas ae mostly concentrated. The fermentation is very long, from 30 to 40 days. Then the wine is refined in barrels for 36 months. At last the wine is left to refine in bottles for at least one year before being sold.

Serving temperature: 18 – 20°c

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La DamaValpolicella Sup. Ripasso

90 Points From Luca Maroni

Features: the most loved wine, appreciated even by casual drinkers for its pleasing qualities. An excellent and amazng wine for its intense and clear fruit flavour, that is always there to surprise you.

Grapes, wine-making, ageing: Corvina 50% and Corvinone 20%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara5%. Grapes are colleted during the first ten days of october and they are delicately pressed. then the first fermentation begins, which aims to preserve the fragrance and elegance of these grapes. At the end of february it is then left to ferment on the marcs of Amarone (ripasso technique) for about 8-10 days; this gives it character, softness and complexity. refining is done in wooden barriques for almost 2 years and in bottles for at least 6 months before being sold.

Serving temperature: 18°c

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La DamaValpolicella Classico

91 Points From Falstaff

Features: the most authentic wine of Valpolicella, here no process is made between thegrapes of the vineyards and the wine on the table. It is ready to drink already in the spring followng the harvest and it perfectly suits the everyday table. A daily wine of great quality that allows usto better appreciate the taste of our own land.

Grapes, wine-making, ageing: the native grapes of Valpolicella ae hand-picked only, from the end of september to mid-october. The pressed grapes ferment in steel vats fo about 15 days and the process is very delicate as it aims to preserve the fragrance and the fruit which are typical of this wine. The wine refines in steel vats fo about 6 months and then it is bottled and left in the wine cellarfor about two months before being sold.

Serving temperature: 16 – 18°c

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La DamaRecioto della Valpolicella

Warm red forest fruit, chocolate, macadamia, cherry, honey. and all of that together. Not too sweet. just right.

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La DamaBollicella (Pet Nat)

This Pet Nat wine is made from 100% Molinara grapes. The fermentation process is all natural and the wine is unfiltered. Winemaker, Gabriele Canale, created this wine in honor of his wife. It is produced in limited quantities and is a bright, naturally frizzante wine that has vibrant acidity. Perfect summer aperitif.

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