Dianella’s winemaking tradition goes all the way back to the end of 17th century. From the beginning of the 19th century, Dianella’s Chianti could be found all over the best italian trattorias and restaurants and also at the Quirinale Palace’s table during Gronchi’s government.

Dianella’s modern history begins in 2003, when Francesco and Veronica Passerin d’Entreves move to Dianella, starting a slow but inevitable remoderning process of the farming and tourism of the estate. The theme throughout this renovation was to respect the terroir’s traditions while always look to innovate both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

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This careful approach is reflected in the wine and all the other produce of Dianella’s estate. A further step in this direction was taken in 2004 when the winemaking duties were handed over to Franco Bernabei, a strong supporter of terroir, local grape varieties and Sangiovese, the grape most produced within the estate.

Dianella Wines

Dianella All Aria Aperta Rose

All’Aria Aperta is the rosé by Dianella. The grapes come from the oldest vineyard of the winery, the same from which are selected the grapes for the Chianti Riserva. Different maturation and vinification allow to obtain two different expressions of the same grapes. All’Aria Aperta is a rosé with strong personality that combines the fruit and lightness of the first sips with intense and decisive bouquet typical of the Sangiovese. It is ideal as an aperitif even if expresses all its richness in fish recipes, such as tuna and salmon, as well as fried dishes and carpaccio.

Il Matto della Giucaia 2017

Il Matto is Dianella’s 100% Sangiovese, beginning with the selection of our best Sangiovese grapes from the estate, and perfected in small French oak barrels. The Sangiovese is the embodiment of the essence of Dianella’s terroir, capable of creating unique emotions; its finish reveals an elegant balance of tannins, and a great complexity. Excellent to be savoured on its own, and also as a pairing for game, grilled meats, and aged cheeses.

Dianella Vermentino 2020

The grapes are harvested from a vineyard whose soil is quite unique, rich in minerals and complex substances, dating back to the Pliocene era when it was under the sea, and thus also rich in fossil shells. A white wine, fresh and savoury with a marked minerality, the wine is ideal for an aperitif but also pairs well with white meats and seafood.

Dianella Organic Chianti 2020

The grapes are those typical of Chianti, with a prevalence of Sangiovese and Colorino, and the style is deliberately traditional. Fresh and fruity while at the same time balanced and round, it is the ideal wine for every season and occasion. An excellent match for soups, salami and red meat, its personality can be experienced in diverse pairings. It can also be served with elaborated fish preparations, like cacciucco and baccalà (salted cod), though at a cooler temperature of 14/16° C.

Dianella Veglie di Neri 2019

Le Veglie di Neri is a blend of Dianella’s traditional grapes of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a very drinkable and persuasive blend which can be enjoyed young, though it continues to improve with a couple of years aged in the bottle. It is at its best when paired with slow cooked beef, meat roasts and lamb. It can also be enjoyed with more structured pasta dishes, and mushroom based recipes.

Dianella Sparkling Rose Brut 2020

A sparkling rosé Sangiovese, pale in colour and with a lively perlage, there is an acidic note which enhances the scent of freshness and the crunchiness of the early harvested grapes.

Dianella Sparkling Vermentino Brut 2019

A sparkling Vermentino, with a lively perlage, there is an acidic note which enhances the scent of freshness and the crunchiness of the early harvested grapes.