I Capitani


I Capitani is a family business in which family members devote themselves with passion and devotion to the development of their project. A long tradition and a strong motivation have drived a costant development. Today, after nearly 100 years we spent in our fields, we can represent at better with a proposal for a 100% quality our area, and what good it has to offer: wines, oils and hospitality. Company cultivates its lands and values its fruits around the world. It takes care of its guests and welcomes them into its estate in Torre le Nocelle, the headquarter of the company where it all started, where is a part of the vineyards and olive groves, the cellar and mill as well as offices and agriturismo. Other vineyards and olive groves are located in other areas of Irpinia, in the most suitable areas for the different denominations.

The spirit, the focus and the passion, that we put into all our activities, are the guarantee of absolute quality all along. Many arms alternate in the company following the work dictated by the rhythm of the seasons, with the dedication of those who do so for many years without haste: wisely, respecting nature’s times, and so it is with pride, that we continue to call ourselves farmers, because it is the work, that we do kneeled to our plants, that have always made the difference.

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I Capitani Wines

I Capitani Greco Di Tufo

Medium intensity yellow with golden reflex. With a strong and persistent character and a hint of Renette apples, broom flowers, citrus fruits, rock. Tasty, harmonious, delicate, enfolding and enduring. Recommended with fish. Excellent as an appetizer.

I Capitani Fiano Di Avellino

Few vine stocks classify a territory in such a way as the Fiano classifies the territory of Avellino. The Fiano of Avellino DOCG Gaudium de I Capitani, a white wine with a powerful structure and a bursting personality faithfully reflects the characteristics of these territories, testifying to its calling to wine production.

I Capitani Taurasi

Also known as the “Barolo del Sud” (South Italy Barolo), this great red wine is made solely from Aglianico Taurasi handpicked grapes. It is a complex wine, with a vanilla and liquorices flavour on an elegant layer of wild berries. Harmonic, dry and soft, with an intense aftertaste that recall black cherries. Refined in oak barrels for 12-18 months.

I Capitani Eme

A top-class wine, red and pulsating life like blood (“eme” in Greek): this is our project dedicated to people with real passion. It has a magnificent blend, so uniquely delightful, an elegance achieved from the wise and balanced blending of wines processed in pureness from the grapes of the Aglianico and other vine varietals grown with real passion in our “Bosco Faiano” vineyards. The uniqueness of these clones helps to express the most original and authentic identity of our long and appealing of our family-run winemaking establishment.

I Capitani Faius

Faius of I Capitani is a project that pursues excellence. The highest expression of the grand white vine stocks of Irpinia (Fiano, Greco and Falanghina). A wine with a powerful structure and a typical feature of mineral freshness able to evolve with time. Refining in small oak barrel for a period of 6 – 8 months adds balance and personality. A really unique wine.

I Capitani Falanghina 2020

Falanghina is a semi-aromatic grapevine with hints of delicate fruit but that well accompanies traditional Mediterranean dishes based on fish and crustaceans. Ideal pairing with pasta or rice with seafood and grilled or fried fish. Excellent as an aperitif or to accompany flans and soft cheeses.

I Capitani Guaglione 2018

Guaglione is a young Aglianico, fresh and with pleasant tannins. It has evident olfactory references to flowers and ripe fruit. A wine for every meal that is enhanced in combination with fragrant flavors and dishes with good intensity, such as pasta and bean, soups, roasted red meats and ripe cheeses. Surprising matching with dishes of fish cooked with tomato sauce.