The Alpasión Winery was founded by a group of wine lovers who decided to make a wine making dream come true. Passion is the driving force behind the project hence we decided to name our inaugural release “Alpasión,” a combination of the Spanish “alma” (for soul) and “pasión” (passion). The Alpasión label features the fingerprints and signatures of all of the winery’s owners. Underlining a highly personal, hands-on project, a partnership driven by passion and friendship for life.

The Alpasión Vineyard is located in the Argentina Uco Valley, which is the area in Mendoza where the highest altitude vineyards are located (between 1,200 and 1,500 meter above sea level) and where some of the world-renowned icons in the wine industry such as Michel Rolland and the Rothschild family are concentrated.

Our winemaker, Karim Mussi is one of the most prominent, innovative and passionate winemakers in the region.

The winery owns 85 hectares of land and although not certified just yet, Alpasión practices sustainable organic farming to ensure the health of soils, ecosystems and people. Even part of the vineyard is planted in the shape of a giant fingerprint. You can see the fun result in Google Earth and satellite images, just search for GPS coordinates 33°36’22.51″S, 69°16’54.79″W.

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Alpasión Wines


Alpasión Private Selection

This is still our top wine, aged for at least 18 months in French Bordeaux style barrels. It is a blend that changes every year depending on the best grapes available. It is a powerful, full-bodied wine, with complex aromas and sweet flavors of ripe plums and blackberries. The 2013 blend (which is what we currently have available) is: 80% Malbec, 15% Syrah, and 5% Petit Verdot.

Alpasión Grand Petite Verdot

This is an intense yet very balanced wine. With a sturdy body, aromas of liqueur stand out, displaying a remarkable passage through French Bordeaux style barrels. The wine ends sweet on the mouth, where flavours of jams stand out. This wine has great storage potential and will surely evolve favourably over time.

Alpasión Grand Malbec

This is the wine that everyone loves, our flagship wine and about 80% of our production. Aged in French Bordeaux style barrels for 10-12 months. Ripe, bold and full-bodied, fruit forward with hints of cocoa and vanilla.

Alpasión Grand Cabernet Franc

Aged in French Bordeaux style barrels for 12 months. Cabernet Franc is quite “in” at the moment so we wanted to follow the trend and come out with something different, innovative and trendy.

Alpasión Malbec

This is an un-oaked Malbec. As such it is less powerful than our traditional (oaked) Grand Malbec. It is the purest expression of our terroir.

Alpasión Cabernet Sauvignon

A new addition to the Estate line of our portfolio. Only 25% of the wine has been aged in oak. It is a text book Cab from Mendoza. The ripeness of the fruit is the most outstanding quality in this wine. The small percentage of oak adds complexity and balance. This is a great “by the glass” option for restaurants.

Alpasión Grand Chardonnay

This lovely Chardonnay is the latest addition to our “Grand” line. It was barrel fermented and aged in French oak barrels for 12 months. Elegant fruit, medium acidity and perfectly balanced to drink alone or to complement a meal.