Piedmonte, Italy

in the heart of Langhe, a World Heritage Site, in Neviglie stands the Cà Moranda farm, a small, strictly family-run business, which has always been characterized by the production of grapes. Three adjectives for this winery: young, innovative, sustainable. The energy used for production is entirely obtained from photovoltaics, the grapes are selected and come from owned vineyards.

The first bottles named Ca ‘Moranda came out on the market in 2018, and were immediately characterized by very low chemical residues: the company is in fact certified SQNPI (National Quality System of Integrated Production), an abbreviation that guarantees the consumer a cultivation that is respectful towards the environment and the human health.

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Ca'Moranda Wines


Arneis is a real all-round wine: fresh enough to drink as an aperitif, enough power and complexity to drink with dinner, and flexible enough to drink in the evening!

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The new Barbaresco “Ancermó” is obtained 100% from Nebbiolo grapes in a strip of land with unique characteristics, made up of calcareous bluish marl rich in magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium. This strip belongs in part to Bricco di Neive and Bricco Micca.

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Full, complex wine with a fine scent of violets, balanced and elegant with light tannins.

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Ca'MorandaMoscato D'asti

This Moscato d’Asti is light yellow with green hues. Fresh and fragrant, with hints of orange blossom, gardenia, and aromatic herbs. Similar to the nose, slightly sparkling with low acidity, fresh and flavorsome, with notes of mint and sage on the finish This wine is typical of its grape variety.

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