Tenuta Del Travale

Calabria, Italy

Tenuta del Travale proudly returns to a rich historical tradition. Nestled within a captivating landscape characterized by steep slopes and the shadows of ancient dry stone walls, our estate stands as a testament to the region’s natural allure. Here, aromatic herbs and vibrant lavender flourish in the interstices of these time-honored structures, while a centuries-old olive grove envelops and safeguards an extraordinary ecosystem. A Calabrian micro-farm, where ‘small’ has the meaning of Beauty and where resilience allows to follow sometimes very difficult objectives. The cultivation of grapes, ecologically complex, underlies the concept of sustainable agriculture but at the same time promotes ‘the vineyard ecosystem’. All good practices, objects, production and consumption, are aimed at saving energy and waste are to be considered ‘friendly’ towards Planet Earth. Horses, butterflies, bees, fireflies integrate in their turn a landscape that represents the purest Passion of the Estate. Nature, the true Queen of these places is always supported by the owners who preserve the secrets with Love.

Craftsmanship remains the other pillar on which this story was built, a categorical Imperative that in fact contemplates a small winery, ‘de garage’. Culture is the last piece. There is a deep link with the glorious past of a Land conquered by ancient Peoples in which the whole world of Knowledge is rooted and developed, progressively. The passage leaves deep grooves with authentic and incredibly original implications. The terroir is this one as well. Tenuta del Travale wants to remember the ancient splendor of those times through the labels of the wines. The miniatures of the Abbot Gioacchino in fact, give a sense of eternity in the completeness. Passion and History, in the end, are inextricably linked.

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Tenuta Del Travale Wines

Tenuta Del TravaleEsmen

92 Points From Ian D'agata

Luminous ruby. The nose is a succession of wild berries, humus, vegetal bush and rhubarb, then macerated red flowers, licorice root, on the bottom well-assorted touch of dark spices, accents of cinchona and iron hints. Expressive sip of the grape, flattering for freshness and tannic scan, warmth in the right dose, closes elegant on a wide vegetal return.

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Tenuta Del TravaleEluetheria

94 Points From Ian D'agata

A clear ruby, great concentration. At the nose violets and musky rose, then emerge dark notes of Mediterranean scrub, bark, rust, rhubarb and blood hints, at the end corroborated by mentholated balsamic, licorice and marine hints. The palate is full of gentle strength and fine tannins, the finale is savory and with vegetal returns.

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