Ciabot Berton

Piedmonte, Italy

From the passion for the territory, wines are born that last over time, beyond fashions.

We believe in a production approach in which the tradition and experience of 5 generations merge synergistically with the ability to innovate. Respecting the land and the vineyards we follow the natural rhythms of each of them, so that each wine can aspire to be unique, a specific expression of the territory and the vintage. From pruning to harvesting, each sub-area is accompanied on a path aimed at identifying and enhancing its innate peculiarities.

For this reason we vinify the various parcels separately and in purity, with the aim of making the many nuances that the terroir gives us recognisable. The challenge is to bring wines into the glass that communicate the intrinsic characteristics of each variety, the soil and the climate, making us translators of the countless facets of the Langa territory.

Since the 1990s we have managed our vineyards under an integrated pest control regime, with an approach that is always attentive to the issue of eco-sustainability.

We apply many of the techniques typical of organic farming, such as grassing, green manure, sexual confusion, copper and sulfur preferentially and we approach each vineyard trying to identify its needs, with the utmost respect for biodiversity.

We firmly believe that three ingredients are essential to make a great wine: the grapes, the soil and the hand of those who make wine with passion. We therefore take the utmost care in our work in the vineyard, always keeping in mind the seasons and the characteristics of each vineyard and paying attention to the slow and complete maturation of the grapes, convinced that only in this way can the fruit of our work be best expressed in the glass.

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Ciabot Berton Wines

Ciabot BertonBarolo Comune La Morra

Characterized by virile and imposing tannins, Barolo Roggeri is a strong and stubborn wine, intense and elegant.

2018 Shelf Talkers

Ciabot BertonBarolo Rocchettevino

Balsamicity and minerality in perfect balance paint the personality of Barolo Rocchetvino, an austere and refined expression of Nebbiolo.

2016 Shelf Talkers

Ciabot BertonBarolo "1961"

For over 50 years it has wonderfully described a territory and the three vineyards that compose it, offering refinement and surprising balance to the palate.

2016 Shelf Talkers

Ciabot BertonBarbera D'Alba

A wine grown in young vineyards which give it freshness, good acidity and distinct hints of fresh fruit.

2021 Shelf Talkers

Ciabot BertonDolcetto D'Alba

Full, complex wine with a fine scent of violets, balanced and elegant with light tannins.

2020 Shelf Talkers

Ciabot BertonNebbiolo

Classic Dolcetto but with personality, characterised by evident floral and fruity notes. Ageing exclusively in steel gives it a pleasant crispness.

2022 Shelf Talkers