Alto Adige, Italy

We cultivate a range of different sites and soils in six South Tyrolean municipalities. We love to work up a sweat here — and often do. But our efforts are rewarded, or so say wine enthusiasts, who especially love the freshness and authenticity of our wines.

Real wine demands real, manual labour. Because we are pioneering winemakers, we take great pains to ensure the wine in your glass is absolutely top quality.

The result is clean, straightforward, honest wines without frills that will simply sweep you off your feet.

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PfitscherPinot Bianco Langfeld

93 Points From Luca Maroni

A very fresh and fruity white wine with a delicate greenish- yellow color, unfolding fine fruit accents of yellow apples. This Pinot Bianco is finely structured and balanced on the palate, with a strong, elegant body.

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PfitscherSauvignon Blanc Saxum

92 Points From Vinous

This white wine is grown on ice-age calcareous soils. With its pale-green color, it has unmistakably intense scents of gooseberries, currants, elder, lilac and grass. Its nose has a very fruity and intense flavor, while the taste is dry with a fine interplay of acids.

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PfitscherGewurztraminer Stoass

90 Points From James Suckling

This long-lived, elegant Gewürztraminer is highly aromatic and tangy. The fruity, aromatic scent is reminiscent of roses and has flavors of exotic fruits. The taste of this straw to golden-yellow white wine is structured and harmonious.

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PfitscherGewürztraminer Riserva

94 Points From James Suckling

This intense golden colored Gewürztraminer “Rutter” grows in the best vineyard zones and presents itself with an aroma of roses. This harmonic and lastingly aromatic wine reaches its full development only after several months of aging in the bottle.

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PfitscherSauvignon Blanc Riserva Mathias

95 Points From Gardini

This white wine is grown on gray porphyry and sandy limestone rock flour. With its pale-green color, it reveals its complex potential in the glass with mineral flint nuances and crystal clear fruit. The taste is dry and the wine shows deepness, precision and a persistent finish.

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PfitscherMüller Thurgau

93 Points From Luca Maroni

This very light yet noble white wine has a mild acidity and fruity bouquet. Its nose has a clear, fine nutmeg tone and aromas of stone fruits. It also has a fascinatingly clear greenish-yellow color that underscores the fruity, intensive taste of this dry white wine.

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PfitscherLagrein Rivus

93 Points From Luca Maroni

This wine, purple in color, is rich in tannins, intensive in color, harmonious and tangy. It has a light note of violets as well as to aromas of forest berries, fresh cherries and plums.

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PfitscherPinot Nero Fuxleiten

93 Points From James Suckling

The intensive scent of red and dark berries is typical of our “Fuxleiten”. The grapes used for this wine come from Montagna, one of the most adequate areas for Pinot Noir. This red wine develops harmoniously, with a full body and lasting finish. In the glass it gleams with a beautiful ruby red.

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PfitscherPinot Nero Matan

96 Points From Gardini

A wine with terroir and well-structured, with an evident elegance and rich in aromatic nuances. The high temperature differences between day and night during the ripening season give this powerfully dark red wine a particularly fruit-toned character with scents of forest berries.

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PfitscherBrut Riserva Metodo Classico

93 Points From Gardini

It is a great sparkling wine, with a brilliant color and an immediate feeling of clarity, in which fruity and citrus notes are harmoniously combined with a certain minerality. The taste is elegant and refined, supported by a freshness that gives him great persistence.

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PfitscherCortazo Merlot Cabernet Blend Riserva

The grapes must have a high degree of physiological ripeness, and firm and crisp skins and combine fully mature fruit aromas with velvety tannins. With careful handling by experienced hands and the right choice of oak barrels, the wine can then develop into our Cortazo.

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