Roberto Abbate

Sicily, Italy

As happens to many children of this island, life has taken us far away. Travel, for those who leave, is a challenge. It is a way of searching for ourselves, crossing different places and people. But it is along the way that the desire to reclaim one’s roots, to return home, arises.

he great theme of nòstos, which permeates and unites all the peoples of Magna Graecia. This is why we decided to find our origins again, in a difficult but at the same time generous land that for millennia has welcomed all peoples crossing the Mediterranean. We returned to the Volcano to reclaim the smells, tastes and sensations of our childhood and their dreamlike dimension.

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Spontaneous fermentation and maceration on the skins for 16 days in vats opened with more manual punching down daily for the entire duration of alcoholic fermentation.

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