Post & Vine

Mendocino, USA

Post & Vine is the dream of two gals that met years ago while working at a Napa Valley winery. They desired to produce wines that reflect a sense of place, and the care and pride that goes into the vineyards and wine making. With a focus on small historical vineyards that have been managed sustainably by committed stewards, Post & Vine wine aims to tell a great story with every glass.

How does a girl from Washington, DC end up as a winemaker? During spring break at the age of 16 she visited Napa Valley vineyards with her parents, and an Australian friend of her father who was a chemist and a winemaker. At each of the vineyards he explained winemaking and wine tasting to Rebekah. And so Rebekah discovered that her love of science could translate into a product of cultural significance, and frankly just plain old fun. With this realization planted (no pun intended) she went off to Macalester College in St Paul, Minnesota to study chemistry and biology. There she was lucky enough to meet Dr Truman Schwartz, a physical chemistry professor and wine lover, who encouraged her dream and told her she should work a harvest in California and get a Master’s degree from UC-Davis. So, that’s exactly what she did.
Now, all these years after college graduation, she still cannot believe her good fortune – to have become acquainted in her teens with the beautiful Napa Valley and with winemaking, which led to such a fulfilling career.

Erica Kincaid’s first ‘ah-ha’ moment came when she toured a wine cave in Napa Valley in her 20s. The scent of wine aging in barrels hooked her, sending her back repeatedly with the dream of leaving Silicon Valley for wine country.
Years later and with that dream still in the back of her mind, she happened upon a flyer of new home developments, one of which was in Yountville. That little watercolor of cottage homes with picket fences sent her plan into action. While working in the tech industry in project management, planning, sales and business operations; she surveyed the dirt in Yountville and bought her future home with the goal of living and working in an environment where whiffs of barrel aging wines were commonplace.
With a BS in Food Science/Dietetics and completing courses in Winery Technology, Erica left her tech career and landed a job at Rutherford Hill Winery as a lab technician and cellar rat for three years. From there she moved on to Rudd Estate where she is today, having happily filled various production, project management, and logistics roles.

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Post & Vine Wines

Post & VineRose of Carignane

A bright pink-colored natural medium-bodied rosé with juicy tropical summer fruit flavors, subtle floral hints and very easy-drinking tannins! Perfect spring rosé!

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Post & VineBlend

Very firm in texture and potent in terms of black-fruit flavors, this full-bodied wine boasts noticeable tannin, focused black-cherry flavors and good balance for some aging.

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