Nori Nakamura first learned about fine wine at his uncle’s Italian restaurant in Tokyo. After college he visited Italy and tasted a phenomenal 1981 Barbaresco that clarified his life’s goal of being a winemaker.

Earning a Japan Sommelier Certification in Tokyo he transferred from the Hotel Nikko in Tokyo to San Francisco where he worked as catering manager. Located near Napa and Sonoma, he religiously visited wine country every weekend for two years.

Fulfilling his dream he enrolled in the viticulture program at UC Davis where he graduated in 2002. Subsequently, he has gone on to become assistant winemaker at Koves-Newlan, Pine Ridge Vineyards & Artesa and head winemaker at Jamison Ranch and currently at Larson Family Winery.

Noria means water wheel in Spanish. A symbol that evokes life bringing elements like flowing water, vitality and the turning cycle of nature.

Noria is a niche wine combining fruity, smooth and elegant tastes reminiscent of sake. Made from grapes grown in Napa & Sonoma County and handcrafted in small lots.

Noria Wines

Noria Pinot Noir Russian River

Intense aromas of raspberry, violet, a hint of dark cherry, rose-petal, and seductive bouquets of cedar, white pepper, and caramel. Fragrant entry. Stylish, refreshing red berry flavor quickly expands on the palate. Vibrant acidity and silky mouthfeel melt into an elegant, long finish. A hint of sweet oak and spice notes add nuance and complexity. Pure and delicate.

• Sushi
• Shabu-shabu
• Braised lamb shank

Noria Chardonnay

Elegant aromas of apricot, lime, golden apple, honeysuckle as well as nuances of cardamom, tarragon, and basil. The decorous citrus flavor quickly develops on the palate. Lush, vibrant acidity is balanced well with a voluptuous mouthfeel. Hints of honey, caramel, and bay leaf add complexity and melt into a long finish. Elegant and complex.

• Yakitori
• Grilled shell fish
• Salmon au gratin

Noria Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

Delectable aromas of raspberry, cherry, rose petal, and a hint of strawberry as well as attractive bouquets of cedar, caramel, and anise. Dazzling red berry flavor expands on the palate. Supple acidity and refined tannins lift the mid-palate and provide the exquisite mouthfeel with finesse and depth. A nuance of elegant oak notes adds a touch of spiciness and tension to the delightful finish. Sensual and transparent.

• Sukiyaki
• Roasted duck & pork
• Pasta with fresh tomato sauce

Noria Sauvignon Blanc Russian River Valley

Brilliant aromas of grapefruit, lime, pear, a hint of lychee, orange zest, bay leaf, flint stone, lemon grass, and pistachio. Refreshing flavor jumps out of a glass and lingers long. Vibrant yet delicate acidity balanced well with supple mouthfeel. Lively and smooth.

• Tempura
• White fish sashimi cured with Konbu
• Mixed greens and creamy herb dressing