Cascina Belmonte


Cascina Belmonte was born in the early 2000s run by my mom Laura. I (Enrico) have undertake few years later during University this adventure. I like to think I am a novice, a first generation farmer. It seems a spatial thing, new, broadcasting a tremendously modern feel. And modern wants to be our way of cultivating the fields, leaving the productivistic appearance in favor of an ecological approach to land conservation.

At Cascina Belmonte we grow many different vine varieties from which we make five different wines. These wines enable us to maintain and improve the 20 hectares of the estate. Six hectares are vineyards. Twelve types of grapes; seven red grape and five white grape varieties. We produce about 20,000 bottles of wine, a few bottles more of D’UVA and thousands of Bag in Box.

These products are the means, the livelihood, to maintain and improve the land we care for. In the next few years we will be venturing into unexplored territory in search of natural wine and a way of better meeting the community’s needs.

I interpret these needs, in a mono-chrome vision, as green areas rich in biodiversity: hedges for hungry eyes to run over, a table “al fresco” decked out with local produce and nocturnal feasts to celebrate the spring. The idea is that afterwards, part of the urban chaos will come to the countryside and part of nature’s peacefulness will travel to the city in the form of bottles of wine.

Our goal is to create an encounter between man and nature, between environment and industry.A union that produces clean fruit and wine, in an unspoiled environment, and a salary for those involved in this joint venture.

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Cascina Belmonte Manzoni Bianco

Riesling Renano is a grape that many people have never heard of, but should be consumed more. With a nice chill the wines are light, crisp, and extremely flavorful. Notes of white peach, limestone, and white flowers all come through on the palate. It is the texture of the wine that really drives it. This is the definition of a summer wine. Chill it down and you will find yourself going back for more and more.

Cascina Belmonte Stramonia

The colour is intense, ruby red, with a myriad of garnet hues. The aroma tends towards sweet, recalling ripe blackcurrants, slightly syrupy with delicate notes of vanilla. To the palate it is pungent, warm, full-bodied and intensely tannic, sometimes young but certainly sweet.

Cascina Belmonte Fuochi

A warm and enveloping structure. The nose is intense and precise in amplitude and persistence. Descriptors are ripe fruit of dark cherry, sweet plum, the caramel and red fruit in alcohol, a note of vanilla and sweet spice as a fresh eucalyptus. In the mouth the softness and warmth of alcohol brings us back to that year’s warm afternoons, a persistent and smooth character that through the ripe fruit pleasantly returns to engage the taste and smell, not without good balance acid-tannin.

Cascina Belmonte Reisling

Tropical fruit aromas, citrus fruits and seductive fragrance of flowers. Fruity and well-balanced minerals. On the palate well balanced with a round structure and the excellent freshness. The elegant acidity, well integrated sweetness and minerality combine to create a harmonious final.

Cascina Belmonte Rose

The most typical wine of the west side of Lake Garda. Produced since over a hundred years with red grapes alone: the autochthonous Groppello, Barbera, Sangiovese and Marzemino.
It is versatile and many-sided wine, suitable for every occasion.

Cascina Belmonte Rebo USDA organic

Intense, deep purple. The nose is fruity and fresh: black cherry, sour cherry, blueberry. The taste is clean, fruity, fragrant vinous, fruity with a crisp.